Foto: Märta Thisner



Cancelled show due to corona at Inkonst, Malmö


July 31 Stolt scenkonst Stockholm Pride

May 17-18 Atalante, Gothenburg

May 8-9 MDT, Stockholm

January 9-10 Reginateatern, Uppsala


“We LOVE BABIES. Does anyone have a baby? I mean we need a real baby a fresh baby, one that swam in turned around and came out again. Still wet and warm. …”

In SPRINGTIME Apetrea and Sigourney dream of a queer endless sunrise. They stomp around the stage as a tree, a bear, a bee and a bouquet- trying to come together, cum together, and get together.

SPRINGTIME is a mix of dance expression, comedy and satire. Since 2014 Apetrea and Sigourney have applied feminist strategies, queer theory, nightlife aesthetics and anti- patriarchal ideas to make shows exploring power and gender. SPRINGTIME follows up on I’m a Very Understanding Woman- which challenged notions of womanhood, horror and understanding. SPRINGTIME takes off from kid shows, and stages nature’s couples- it’s a new version of the Birds and the Bees.

Queers, for example, especially those who do not choose to be biologically reproductive, a people without children, are, within the dominant culture, people without a future. – José Esteban Muñoz

Concept, choreography, performance: Amanda Apetrea & Mica Sigourney. Set, costume, light, wig and make-up design: Daniel Åkerström-Steen. Tailor: Kajsa Lisa Larsson. Producer: Sara Bergsmark. Technician: Angela X. Administrative structure: The Artist Cooperative Interim kultur. Co-produced by MDT. Residency at Turteatern. Supported by The Swedish Arts Grants Committee, The City of Stockholm and Swedish Arts Council.

Review in SVD by Thomas Olsson

Review in DN by Lisa Boda

Review in GP by Mikaela Blomqvist

Photo: Märta Thisner