Amanda Apetrea



2008-2010 Master's program in choreography, DOCH Stockholm

2005-2006 Iwanson Schule, performing year Munich

2002-2005 Ballet Academy Stockholm

2000-2001 Ballet Academy, preperation school Stockholm

1997-2000 Media Programme, photographic image, GUC Uppsala

Experience / Job

2020 I stundens hetta at Östgötateatern in Norrköping with Nadja Hjorton and Lisen Rosell

2020 Tour with DEAD at Quarter block party i Cork, Irland

2020 Tour with Harlequin, Helsinki, Finland januari

2019 Tour to NORDWIND festival in Hamburg with Samlingen and DEAD

2019 An anal collection, Samlingen at MDT festival A fine(al) selection

2019 Tour with Grottbjörnens folk in Enköping at the festival "Höstglöd"

2019 Curated the festival NÄRHETEN wit Nadja Hjorton, Sara Bergsmark och Frida Tiger.

2019 Premier Harlequin, Hangö teaterträff

2019 Tour SPRINGTIME, MDT, Stockholm, Atalante, Gothenburg and Stockholm Pridefestival

2019 Samlingen – en danshistoria. Tour with Riksteatern 2019 Premier SPRINGTIME in Uppsala

2019 Presentation of Samlingen at In the works in New York

2018 Research and preparation for the show SPRINGTIME with Mica Sigourney

2018 Tour ÖFA: MONSTER with Zebradans

2017 Riksteater tour with Beauty and the Beast

2017 Co-creator and performer in Grottbjörnens Folk at Turteatern with Nadja Hjorton, Lisen Rosell, Chrisander Brun and Daniel Åkerström Steen

2017 Very understanding radio dance festival at Turteatern in Stockholm

2017 DEAD by Beauty and the Beast will premiere April 25 at MDT in Stockholm. Together with Halla Ólafsdóttir

2016 Samlingen at Works at Work in Copenhagen

2016 Dancer and choreographer in I'm a very understanding Woman at CounterPulse in San Francisco (September)

2016 Beauty and the Beast was presented at Scenkonst16 and during the politician week at Almedalen together with Riksteatern

2016 Tour with ÖFA: MONSTER at Bibu (biennual for children and youth performances) in Helsingborg

2016 Tour with I'm a very understanding Woman. Performances at Inkonst in Malmö March 12 and Atalante in Gothenburg March 16-17

2016 Choreographer and dancer in music video Miss You by Anna Karenina (Febuary)

2016 Tour with ÖFA: MONSTER with performances at Zebradans in Stockholm and at Orsaskolan in Orsa. Performances and workshops (Febuary)

2015 Beauty and the Beast at Yet another fine selection at MDT in Stockholm november 2-3

2015 I'm a very understanding woman, premiere at MDT in Stockholm, co-creator and    performer with Mica Sigourney, set design and costume Daniel Åkerström Steen

2015 Samlingen at ”Kulturhuset stadsteatern” in Stockholm, co-creator with Nadja Hjorton, Stina Nyberg, Halla Òlafsdóttir and Zoë Poluch

2015 Performer and co-creator, ÖFA: MONSTER in collaboration with Zebradans

2014 Dancer and co-creator, performance of Beauty and the Beast, Artcenter BUDA, Kortrijk, Belgium

2014 Co-creator and performer in What happens in Uppsala stays in Uppsala at the City theatre in Uppsala with the ÖFA-collective. Premiere in September

2014-15 Working with Halla Ólafsdóttir on DEAD Beauty and the Beast and Beauty and the Beast – The workshop. Residency at ImpulsTanz Vienna and Tanzfabrik Berlin. Workshop and show at Reykjavik dance festival 2014 and 2015.

2014 Created the workshop FAKE AND MAKE with artist Mica Sigourney. Residency at The art grants committee

2014 Choreographer and dancer EDIE&EDIE with Emma Tolander. Premiere 28 February. Performances planed for Reginateatern Uppsala, MDT Stockholm, Blaue Frau Helsinki.

2013 Choreographer, created the piece “Samlingen” for the Cullberg Ballet at the Dance museum in Stockholm (November-December)

2013 Performance with ÖFA at “Dansfiket” at The City Theatre in Uppsala (November)

2013 Host, ÖFA: Danceoke for kidz at ZebraDans and for kids in the region Farsta in Stockholm (November)

2013 Dancer and co-creator, Beauty and the Beast, Impulstanz Vienna (August). Aworded Prix Jardin d'europe 2013

2013 Dancer and co-creator, Beauty and the Beast, Orionteatern, Stockholm (June)

2013 Dancer, Undertone, Choreographer Sidney Leoni, Frankfurt (May)

2013 Host, ÖFA: Danceoke at Blaue frau, Helsinki (May)

2013 Meating with THE FUTURE, international group of choreographers, Barcelona (April)

2013 Dancer, Undertone, Choreographer Sidney Leoni, Trondheim (March)

2013 Host and co-creator, ÖFA: DANCEOKE for kids at Zebradans in Stockholm (Febuary)

2013 Curator, Brus at UKK in Uppsala (Febuary)

2012 Choreographer and dancer, solo Covers, premiered at A Night At The Theatre with

Emma Tolander, Nadja Hjorton and Stina Nyberg, at MDT in Stockholm (december).

2012 ÖFA: FINLAND, workshop and performance for secondary students in Espoo.

2012 Choreographer and dancer, Beauty and the Beast, A series of event, Iceland Dance

Festival, Reykavik (August)

2012 Dancer, Vi äger, with choreographer Carl Olof Berg, Sörmland (May-August)

2012 Dancer, Undertone, choreographer Sidney Leoni, Brussels

2012 Dancer and co-creator, ÖFA: DANCE, TWETAKT, Utrecht, the Netherlands (March)

2012 Co-creator / actor, performance festival, ÖFA: MAGIC / BALTIC with the ÖFA-collective at Brut Institute in Vienna (January)

2011 Co-creator / actor, performance festival, ÖFA: Abschlussparty at the festival

NORTH WIND in Berlin (December)

2011 Advisor and dancer, workshop / dance performance, Giselle, initiated by Halla Ólafsdóttir and John Moström with Elizabeth Ward, residence at workspace Brussels  (September-October)

2011 Choreographer and dancer, Beauty and the Beast with Halla Ólafsdóttir featuring Lisen

Rosell and Chrisander Brun, premiered at MDT Stockholm (september).

2011 Co-creator / actor, performance festival, ÖFA: MAGIC / LOGIC at Sommer Szene,

Salzburg (July)

2011 Collaboration between the ÖFA-collective and choreographer Carl Olof Berg, Dansbuss Sörmland (May-June)

2011 Co-creator of the work Looking for ÖFA at Konsthall C in Stockholm (April-May)

2011 Co-creator / actor, performance festival, ÖFA: DIRTY SUNSHINE at Högkvarteret in

Stockholm (april)

2011 Workshop with the ÖFA-collective for Galleri syster in Luleå (January)

2010 Choreographer and dancer, I Ass Jazz, Haninge happening, Stockholm (november)

2010 Creative School workshop for the 9th grade at Viktor Rydberg samskola in Djursholm,

Stockholm with the ÖFA-collective (november)

2010 Co-choreographer and dancer, ÖFA: DANCE, residence at Stockholm City Theatre

Skärholmen. Played at Theatre Days in Hallunda and Haninge Happening.

2010 Co-creator / actor ÖFA: COMEDY, Stockholm comedy festival, Södra Teatern


2010 Co-creator / actor, performance festival, ÖFA: FESTA MED KAKAN at Färgfabriken,

Stockholm (August)

2010 Dancer, Music Video, Britta Persson Meet a bear, Stockholm (July)

2010 Choreographer and dancer, I Ass Jazz, Stockholm PRIDE Festival (July)

2010 Choreographer and dancer, I Ass Jazz, Regina Theatre, Uppsala (April)

2010 Co-creator / actor, performance-party, ÖFA: IMARSCH for the dance festival

ImageTanz in Vienna (March)

2010 Choreographer and dancer, I Ass Jazz at the festival "Red dawns" in Slovenia (March)

2010 Choreographed and danced along with Mychoreography

A Warriors roar holler across the sky and The rite of spring.

2010: Mychoreography. Graduated from the University College of Dance in Stockholm, MA program in choreography led by Marten Spångberg. Worked with artists such as Xavier Le Roy,

Alice Chauchat, Krõõt Juurak, Christine De Smedt, Tino Sehgal, Dorothea von

Dumbbell Mann, Siegmar Zacharias, Petra Sabisch, Elizabeth Ward, Bojana Cvejic,

Mette Ingvardsen, Juan Domiguez, and Jan Ritsema. Choreographer conditioned, danced and

appeared with mychoreograpy, for example, Kaaitheater Brussels Centre

Chorégraphique National de Montpellier, Hau Theatre Berlin and Atalante in Gothenburg.

Participated in the creation of the book "The Swedish dance history"

2009 Did creative workshops in movement, text, and voice for all the 9th grades at

Eriksberg School in Uppsala with the ÖFA-collective (november)

2009 Choreographer and dancer, I Ass Jazz. University college of dance, Stockholm (premiere December)

2009 Participated in the performance ÖFA: Judith Butler, HBTH Conference in Stockholm


2009 Co-creator / actor ÖFA: BUTT PARTY. Performance party at Perfect Performance,

Stockholm (October)

2009 Acted in ÖFA: PRIDE in Pride Park, Stockholm (July)

2009 Co-creator / actor ÖFA: generator with the notion ÖFA: spring concert, ÖFA:

DANCEOKE and performancet Single Ladies (May)

2009 Co-creator of ÖFA: HEMLIGHETER (not on stage).

2008 Co-creator and dancer, actor, etc. in ÖFA: VÅRKONSERT. Played on among others at Elverket in Stockholm, Europride Stockholm, Uppsala City Theatre and Youth Culture Days at

Riksteatern in Stockholm.

2007 Taught Jazz Dance at Gottsunda Dance and Theatre in Uppsala. Student choice 6th,

7th and 8th grade Gottsunda School.

2006-07 Co-creator, dancer, choreographer, actress, film editor in the show Var god tag plats! By the Öfa-collective. Played among others at the Malmö Festival, BIBU, Pride and

Regina Theatre in Uppsala.

2006-07 Worked as a dancer in the show When Shall we three meet again? at the Theatre

Und so fort, Munich. Directed by Heiko Dietz

2006 Choreographed and danced a solo in the competition Alleinflug in Munich.

2006 Participated in Checkpoint at the dance biennale in Gothenburg as one of five young


2005-06 Participated as dancer in the project "bridge" led by Jessica Iwanson, Munich.

Choreographers were Katja Wachter, Johanna Richter and Andreas Abele

Photography: Märta Thisner