Photography: Märta Thisner

Choreography: Amanda Apetrea

Performed by: Amanda Apetrea, Emma Tolander and Lisen Rosell

I Ass Jazz was initiaded as a master thesis exam work at University College of Dance in Stockholm, signed Amanda Apetrea.

The piece  premiered December 15, 2009. Since then it has been shown at for example Red Dawns festival Ljubliana Slovenia, Reginateatern in Uppsala Sweden and the Stockholm city theater during Stockholm Pride festival in Stockholm, Sweden.

I Ass Jazz celebrates feminity, show dance, jazz dance, magic, sisterhood, glitter and feathers. It's a show were we aim to become subjects in a world were female objectification is the norm. There's a freedom in the naked ass and we put that ass in the jazz.

You should be so fucking horny that you want to cry.

It’s burning behind your eyes but you can’t stop smiling.

You’ll fall in love and you’d want to kill someone.

You’ll wan’t to join in.

You think you are worth something.

You should believe that anything is possible now.

Anything is possible now!

You’ll want to lean forward and then back in your chair.

You feel safe, but you know that you are part of something dangerous.

You can’t tell your mother about it, but she might be sitting next to you, thinking the same thing.

It is life and death.

It is love.

There’s no specific criticism, but we want more people to get punished.

We don’t do hatred and contempt, we use love as a weapon.